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Established in 2019, Mechzone Trading & Engineering Limited, is a leader in supplying all type of substation equipment and service. With our headquarters in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Mechzone operates out of multiple facilities globally. We offer the most cost effective, highest quality Sub-station equipment in order to satisfy your requirements..


Our team are available to answer your questions immediately. They are technically trained and are able to answer most questions on the phone. Stock checks, expediting, quotations or technical information are always readily available. Our commitment to customer service means you will be an informed, relaxed and satisfied customer as quickly as possible. Call our team and let us serve you.


  • Multi-national manufacturing presence
  • Multiple channels to market
  • Highly regarded for our engineering expertise
  • Dominant Supplier for any residential, commercial, industrial Sector
  • Globally recognized and respected


Offering thousands of standard Equipment for up to 20 MVA Sub-Station, 0.6-36 KV Voltage level. Mechzone can meet the needs of your application.

Mechzone Equipment are suitable for any residential, commercial, industrial, manufacturing or production process application.


Our customers have come to rely on our products and services and continue to depend on us for support at the most critical stages of their need. Our stability and integrity as a supplier are paramount particularly in an industry where demands must be resolved quickly and effectively.


Our history and experience in Sub-Station Equipment Design and sourcing is the very best in the industry. Our extensive testing program, plus an exemplary field service record, ensures that our products not only meet all the standards necessary, but more importantly, fulfill your expectations and requirements. All Mechzone designs are cost effective and especially the transformers are built with modern manufacturing techniques. We particularly emphasize our ‘Value Added Engineering’ where our design staff will work directly with your team to produce the optimum and cost effective solution for your application. Our fully computerized design and CAD facilities permits quick and effective communication when time is vital.



Mechzone has been regarded for its quality since its very inception. With our commitment to ‘Excellence’ and ‘Continuous Improvement’, we build value and reliability into every Mechzone product. We feel that no other company can offer comparable flexibility for service and quality in a full range of products. All our units are designed and sourced to meet ANSI, CSA, UL, IEC, RoHS , BSTI, IS and NEMA standards.



The experienced Mechzone technical team is available to help you with your application or design questions. Call (+88) 01304 54 74 34 for assistance.

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